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Hello and welcome to my website for distance Reiki healing!

I plan to share more information on what Reiki healing is and how to benefit from it and use it for yourself.

My own experiences with it on my journey.

And answering any questions you may have about the process and outcome.

Thanks for visiting.

Peace, love and light!

Where Is Your Peace?

The last few days have been good for me. I have started meditating in the mornings with my meditation healing music from youtube. I just search and find something I like. It has helped me so much. My mind relaxes and the thoughts go away. It is just me and my body sitting. It is so peaceful. I can see it working in other areas of my life too. It helps my anxiety with my children and with how I go about my days. I had been struggling with getting to a place I am at right now for the last few years with bouts of depression and anxiety. It is not easy to deal with and not fun to have. It is lonely. Its lonely even when your smiling and talking to people and pretending everything is okay. It’s lonely when your not with people and the intrusive thoughts start coming in. All the questions and concerns and all the things you hear other people saying. I pick up on energies too easily and its hard to get rid of some of the lower energies. I was packing all away in little boxes and then blowing them up with tnt later and sometimes at the wrong people. I am learning that I can be different now though. I can be more and do more for other myself and other people too. I can be calm and collected when I CHOOSE to. If I work on my own healing I can hep heal others because I am clear and calm. This is why I chose Reiki. I am only the beginning of this journey but I know its the place I am supposed to be. It has taught me so much in such a little bit of time. It’s ancient healing and wisdom. I have been fortunate enough to have received this gift and its supposed to be passed on to others. I wake up now and I learn as much as I can on it everyday now. I plan on doing this forever. It’s also my worst fear. Why? Because I am so sensitive. Not to the world but to energy in general. I have gotten sick before being around someone with bad energy. It’s the thing that has always kept me secluded and why I have a hard time being around people especially people who are very sad, and, or hurt. I can feel all of it. The problem I have now realized is that it’s not them but me. I wasn’t ever releasing any of my own energies that consisted of hurt, fear, worry, and every other low vibrational energy. I was just adding other people’s energies to my own and then I couldn’t handle it anymore and would explode from time to time. Sometimes I would implode which felt completely unbearable. It’s like dying from sadness on crack. It’s a feeling I can’t and probably won’t ever be able to explain in my lifetime. It’s not something I would wish on an enemy though. I think this is when my anxiety kicked in hard. My physical body couldn’t handle it anymore. It was on overload and it had to get it out somehow. I think this is what happens to a lot of people who experience anxiety and panic attacks. Release is what they need and it’s not a well known thing to talk about soul cleansing or spirit cleansing or even energy work which is what Reiki is. It’s an exchange of that energy that you cannot see. There are many who I am sure don’t believe in any of that but if we need physical cleansing to stay physically healthy then why would we not need soul cleansing as well. Maybe this is the true cure to mental illnesses. Maybe all the medicines and treatments just aren’t enough. We need to work on the energy/spirit with the same tools it works on. We keep trying to fix soul issues with physical treatments and medicines. And they keep failing or they just cover up the physical symptoms. This will never fully work.

Anyways Peace , Love and Light! Good night to you!

Feeling Good Today!

I recently have been feeling a little heavy and down for the past few day and actually woke up this morning today again feeling the same way.

All this retrograde and planets being all crazy right now is what is messing everyone up.

I did a chakra meditation today to clear some energy up and I am feeling a lot better! Not 100% of course but it was definitely time to clear some air in here. I saged my house two nights ago too and that also helped myself and my family feel a lot more comfortable in the house in the last day or two. I will probably do that again today. I am also getting my FIRST tarot deck in the mail sometime today but I need to wait for hubby to get home to go get it because he has our mailbox key with him.We also cleaned up a bunch to clear our space in the house.

I also came to realize today energy work takes a lot out of you! And so I decided to start charging more for it. I have been working very hard to learn, do , and work with others and I need to really charge what I feel it’s worth both to them and myself as a light worker. I am growing a business and I need items, books, crystals and everything else someone who does energy work needs. I give great detailed readings and actually got my first review on my facebook page yesterday. So exciting!

I really enjoy doing readings for people and I am so glad I found this.

If you haven’t yet please join my page @ https://www.facebook.com/thereikioracle/

The prices for my Reiki healing services are on my facebook page as well.

I also recently started a group on facebook for readings @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/theoraclereadingsgroup/ I sometimes share free readings there.

I will be doing any reading types for the rest of the day today.

Life/General Readings

Love Readings

Thanks! Love & Light!

Oracle Readings & Intuitive Guidance Today – $5

I recently started doing Oracle Readings and am adding them to my services now.

I added a page on the blog for this and am only charging up to $5 for a 5 Card Spread.

If you are interested and would like a reading please contact me.

I can do general readings, love readings, or life readings. I don’t do health related readings.

Here are my rates:

3 Cards -$3

5 Cards-$5

1 Card- FREE

When messaging me please ask any questions related to your reading. I will email your reading back to you within 24 hours.

Thank you! Love & Light!

Just Want To Talk About My New Crystal Collection!

So I wanted to share my newly founded crystal collection. I will be getting more in the mail by the end of the week. So I got black tourmaline, a pink rose quartz heart, red jasper star, aquamarine, & a pink amethyst tower.

I know I will soon run out of room. I probably won’t be stopping anytime soon. I love them all and also purchased “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall to help me get familiar with the most popular kinds and I am realizing just how many different ones there actually are. These will work great to use for my Reiki services as well. For both the distance healing and when I open up my own brick and mortar business for Reiki in the future.

I really do love it and it has helped me personally so much. I was depressed and anxious before doing this and since having Reiki done on me I have been so much better. I feel great most of the time now rather than feeling down, depressed and having panic attacks like I once was. There is so much to learn still but I realize this is what I have been searching for this whole time. I found the perfect thing for myself and I just want to share it with others that need it too. If your interested in some Reiki Distance Healing please message me on my contact page and send me an email.

But it is late and I need to get in the bed now.

Love and Light to you!

I will talk about my crystals and their healing properties on my next post.

How Can Reiki Help You And Attunements

In my last post I wrote about my master reiki attunement and how it went.

I want to talk more about the reasons you can use reiki to help yourself heal whether it is emotionally, psychologically, mentally or even sometimes physically as our physical sleves are connected to us mentally, emotionally, and psychologically.

Your mind is a powerful thing. If we didn’t have a spiritual being inside we would just be a body. Energy is real and exists within all of us. Where your energy is right now depends on what you have been through and how you have handled it whether its healthy and good or negative and not as healthy.

I want to also talk about why I chose this and why I believe Reiki is what I should be doing. Why it’s my mission to use it to help others.

From the time I was a young child I always felt different. I think a lot of people say this but what I am talking about is energy. I didn’t actually realize it till I had my “awakening” but I am highly sensitive to energy of other people so much that it was making me sick until recently when I learned how to protect it and myself.

I would also see a persons aura as a young child but didn’t ever speak about it because it was strange to me and I thought I was just seeing things or shadows. I was worried I would seem crazy and so I just went through my life doing this. And I think I lost a lot of my gift from denying it so long. I am only now beginning to tune in and try to work on it. After my master reiki attunement I began to see a blue aura around my youngest child and it was the color blue. The color blue is related to the throat chakra which is your ability to communicate and speak your truth. I don’t see it all the time but I did for a minute and it was beautiful. I was at peace in that moment and had very calm positive energy when it happened. That is how it works best. When your unblocked and balanced with your chakras you are truly magical and your abilities to manifest and see, hear, know all things intuitively is heightened. It’s a wonderful feeling and it’s easy to explain but hard to understand if you haven’t felt it before. Its our lives that get in the way of all this greatness. Our systems and rules of being human that lower our energies and this is how disease starts to take hold of us. When we are out of wack in our spirit and our energy it begins to affect us physically because the two are connected. When you start to work on your spiritual/energy self you will become happier, kinder, and you will get rid of your trauma. Not to say it goes away as if it didn’t exist but your now in a place where you are working on your healing. You are taking the hurt out of it. It happened and you can accept it without it being able to trigger you or hurt you anymore. It was just something that you went through and can even be looked at as a lesson or something that made you stronger. But if you don’t at least try to work on these things and they come back to you when your mind is quiet or you do things that keep you distracted from those things for example addictions, this can begin to cause all kinds of the mental health problems we see so much of today.

This is where Reiki Healing comes in. When you get Reiki healing it releases your blocked and unbalanced chakras in your energy/spirit. Most people have some kind of trauma or hurt that they have experienced and that stays with us till we can release it. If it is not released though it gets worse. This can come out in any number of ways that aren’t healthy for us in the long run and most times we hurt others because we have been hurt. I have done this many times in my life as well. It’s just part of being human.

When you get a Reiki attunement the Reiki practitioner uses the Reiki symbols which are empowered with intention and positive healing energy to send to the person wishing to receive it. The Reiki practitioner may even use certain crystals with the healing properties of those crystals that he/she sees best fit for the session depending on what the person needs for energy healing. The Reiki ‘patient” will tell the Reiki practitioner about anything they are dealing with physically , mentally, psychologically etc.

Reiki may not make the person receiving feel any differently or they may feel something during their session. It really depends on how open and receptive the person receiving it is to the energy healing work they are receiving it. If a person doesn’t believe in the work being done it will be blocked and most likely won’t have any effect on the person. But if you do believe and are very receptive it can do great things for you! So that was my little intro for you to learn more about Reiki and attunements.

Hope you liked it and please let me know if you would like YOUR FREE Reiki Distance Healing by emailing me on my contact page or by liking me on facebook.

Love and Light to you!

My New Love – Crystals

Yes, I am turning into a crazy crystal lady.

I even took a course on crystal healing after I finished my Reiki course and it was by the same person Melissa Crowhurst. I learned so much and now I am loving learning all about them and the healing properties each one has. I went out and bought an amethyst bracelet (for my anxiety) as an extra little helper and some sage to cleanse my home with and my very first crystal book “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall. I even told the woman at the store I wanted to live there. As I was saying it I thought I sounded a little crazy but I just really am getting into this whole world of healing and crystals. It feels like my place. Like I belong here in this.

I have learned a lot in the last two weeks since I started really getting into it. How to cleanse your crystals and your home. What crystals energize or create calm. There are so many and each one has its own or many different uses for them. I actually started my website a few weeks back, might even be a month ago. I kind of worked backwards. I put together my website and then got into reiki healing and actually learning about the crystals afterwards. It made perfect sense though. I am always doing things backwards. I am a capricorn , its in our bloods. But we always get it right…..eventually.

Anyways, I got what I needed from all of it and I’m not stopping anytime soon. My hubby said to me last night “I’m going to have a house full of crystals aren’t I?” I couldn’t exactly tell him no. LOL! So I have in the mail as we speak 5 crystals and my first oracle deck.

It’s going to be a red jasper star, rose quartz heart, pink amethyst, black tourmaline and melanite and tonight I ordered a black obsidian. I am very excited and these will help with my distance healing sessions as they make the energies sent stronger and I can’t wait to use them for that.

It has been a long day and I am sleepy! I am going to be sharing my website and start building an informational section on here about crystals and the ways you can use them for healing too. Goodnight! Love and Light!

My Master Reiki Attunement

I thought I would make my first post about my own experience with my master reiki attunement. This is the process of becoming a Reiki Master. I had to do 30 self-healings or of close family/friends before I could achieve this and get attuned to master level.

It was so much more powerful than the ones I did for myself. Like A LOT more powerful. So powerful I had to go to the hospital because I thought there was something wrong with my heart. Scary but when I figured out what it was and how to get rid of the feeling I felt a lot better afterwards.

I took the online course by Melissa Crowhurst on Udemy and she is great! She took her time and showed you exactly how to do each step for all the attunement levels which are level 1, 2 and master level. As the student doing this online I had to attune myself to levels 1 and 2 using the steps as practice. It was great and I started feeling a lot better in a slower gradual way. I felt like I was releasing all the negative aspects of myself. Self doubt, worry,fear, and worst of all anxiety. The anxiety I had before this course was extreme and had sent me to the hospital a few times. I thought I was dying each time. My heart would race, or palpitate, I would get dizzy and clammy, I would feel extremely spacy, I would get nauseous, and nothing I did made it any better. I would just have to wait till the horrible feeling passed. Sometimes it would feel like hours. Truly though it was probably only ever 5 minutes at the most. Maybe 10 if it was really bad. It began happening after I had my third child. The first time was the worst and scariest because I didn’t know what was happening. He is seven now and I began having my attacks just after he turned one. So I dealt with it all that time. It was more spaced out at the beginning but when I got to just last year it was so bad it was happening at least once a month if not more. Then it started happening every week at least once just before I found reiki. I couldn’t figure out what to do and I started to worry it was going to happen anytime. Because that’s how frequent it had become. It was scary and I didn’t know how to stop it. Some days it would happen and I wasn’t upset or even stressed.

Then I found it. I don’t even remember what drew me to taking the course but I was scanning through the courses on Udemy and found Melissa’s course. I read through what it was about and decided to try it. The first time I tried reiki on myself I had a calm I hadn’t felt in a long time. Like pure peace and no ruminating thoughts. Nothing had ever helped me like that before not even smoking weed. It was a different feeling. After doing it I started noticing I was more calm throughout my day. Nothing was bothering me like it had before. People didn’t annoy me and I was more balanced. My emotions stayed level instead of up and down like they were before.

So I finished the course about two weeks later. I was really interested so I got through it pretty quickly. I was feeling better each day. Then I sent off for my “master attunement” which meant Melissa was going to open my chakras so they could rebalance and clear them and send healing to the places in my body and spirit where it was needed. She has about 20 years experience in this so I was open and accepting to her doing it for me even though she was all the way in Australia and I am located in Atlanta,GA. I trusted the process fully because I didn’t want to block whatever it was that was going to help me. This is probably the reason it hit me so hard two days later. She told us it would come to us as it always makes its way to its desired person at just the right time and will never be too much for that person to handle. It does it’s work ALWAYS.

I would be attuned her time 8pm and my time 6 am so I went to bed the night of slightly excited and wondering if it would instantly feel any kind of way to me. I do remember waking up at about 6 am with a super relaxed sense of calm but then went back to sleep and woke back up a couple hours later. I was fine and nothing felt any different really. I went about my day and the next day normally. Then on the third day I was walking to my living room from my kitchen and I swear I felt an electric type shock go through my body and my chest hurt. It was really scary and it was pretty painful. I didn’t understand what had happened and I had to sit down on my couch for a minute and hold my chest. I finally thought about and realized it must have been the effects of my reiki. But I was still trying to figure out why it was such a shock , literally. I had to go on facebook and ask my fellow reiki practitioners in my group about my experience and they helped me figure out I hadn’t done my attunement afterwards. I need to do this because it releases all the “gunk” from your spirit and soul that Melissa had cleared away and out of my chakras. It made so much sense. They also helped me realize I still needed to also take a salt bath for my physical release too. So I immediately did both of those things after my kids went to bed that night and I felt a lot better. I continued to do my self attunements afterwards as well every morning before I even get out of the bed now and it helps so much. I am just so grateful and glad I found this and I know how much now that this actually works and feel excited to help others with this process and journey. Thanks for reading. Love and Light to you!

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